I’m Mike Belshe, a software engineer living in Silicon Valley, California.

I spent most of my career at startups, where I worked at Netscape (before it was a public company), Remarq (when it was still called ‘SuperNews’), Good Technology (when it still made sound cards!) and Lookout (before Microsoft bought it!). I enjoyed them all, but Lookout was probably the most exciting; it was the brainchild of Eric Hahn, and we co-founded the company together in 2003. Since then, I’ve been at slightly larger startups – 2 years at Microsoft, and then nearly 5 years at Google. At Google I was one of the early engineers on the Chrome project, and it was a tremendous learning experience. While there I helped create a protocol called SPDY which has proved to be a pretty decent little protocol for speeding up web page loading while simultaneously being more efficient on the network.

twistMy current project is a company I co-founded called Twist. We’re tackling time in a new way – with the computers in our pockets we can now compute the time it takes anyone or anything to get from anywhere to anyone. It starts with a simple app which helps you let others know when you’ll arrive, but will expand into a set of products and services to enable time services in all sorts of products across the web. It’s a big vision and a lot of work. If you know great engineers, we’re hiring!

My career consists of two unusually paired halves. In the first half I was completely a server guy with a passion for networking and low-level systems work. I worked on web servers, application servers, web applications, and mobile server clouds. I wondered why client guys didn’t know how to use threads, could tell you all about completion ports, fibers, and sockets, and yet I couldn’t tell the difference between PostMessage and SendMessage. Since then, I’ve evolved a bit, and hopefully have learned a thing or two about client software programming. Ironically, this skill is becoming increasingly obsoleted as applications move to the web! I hope there will be many more technology transitions in my career.

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